Is your password… ”password123”?

It’s 2024, and we all use different devices and software to run our businesses.

But do you know how to use that program safely? How do you know the computer your employees use connects to the right things?

In 2023, 41% of small businesses fell victim to a cyber attack through phishing, ransomware…or because their password wasn’t complicated enough.

Learn how to protect your small business online.

In this FREE workshop, ethical hacker and CEO of ArkCybr, Sean Ardizzone, will discuss some of the main ways the bad guys target small businesses and how you can take practical steps to protect your business from these attacks.

Sean will help you understand things like:

  • Phishing
  • Ransomware
  • Social Engineering
  • Supply Chain attacks


Sean will also give you 7 things you can do to limit bad guys’ access to your business online.

*BONUS: A FREE Custom Cyber Security Assessment

In addition to the workshop, you will receive a custom Cyber Security assessment. Sean will run a diagnostic test on your business and online presence to determine its potential vulnerability. 

It will give you a deeper understanding of what the bad guys can see but also help you understand what things to fix first.

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