Ep 009 • Interview with Kfir Yeshayahu from IronVest

In this episode, Sean and Josh get to interview Kfir Yeshayahu from IronVest! Kfir also gives some really practical advice to help protect your family and accounts at the end of the episode. IronVest is a browser extension and mobile app that makes it easy to create and autofill secure passwords, masked emails, and unhackable single-use virtual cards. All in a seamlessly integrated experience

Ep 006 • Interview with John Wu from Gryphon

In this episode, Sean and Josh interview John Wu, the Co-Founder & CEO of Gryphon. John talks about the story of why he co-founded Gryphon, what Gryphon routers do, and ways you can have a layered approach to having a safer internet experience.

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